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2017-09-27 18:59:00 (UTC)

Describing color to a blind person

Mood: Ah. Its a new day
Song: I'm alright by Jo Dee Messina
Color: Orange

So i saw this thing late last night when i couldn't sleep and was wide awake at 3 something in the morning but when i saw it i started imaging what i would say and how i would describe color to a blind person who has never seen it.
Now for me i can see auras and i can feel color... so i personally connect color with experiences and emotions and so that is how i found myself describing colors and well it's like this for me, and it would be described different than this for someone else which is why this is so interesting and i want to see how other people would try to describe this.
- Don't let what i write influence your writing.
- Write an entry of your own and tell me about it so i can read it or just send me feedback with your description
- Have fun with it, and try not to over think it, that's what i was doing...and it didn't help.

Okay so here's mine! Describing color to a blind person.

Red is the pain of a skinned knew when your a child.

Yellow is the taste of anything sour, mouth watering good in small doses.

Blue is like that first breath of air after you've been underwater.

Green is the creature comforts of home when you've been far away.

Orange is like the anxiety you feel when your worried about things that you can't control.

Purple is like a good and proper Embrace from someone you love, deeply felt.

Pink is the small smile you get when you are reminded of a private joke between friends.

Grey is the fear and confusion you feel when you get lost or you don't know if something is good or bad.

White is the beginning of opportunity, its the blank slate of forgiveness it's starting new and beginning again.

Brown is calm and peaceful it's earthy it's the smell of rain, the taste of coffee or chocolate.

Gold is the the feeling of a true belly laugh, it comes from the soul and makes you feel complete in that moment of time.

Silver is what it feels like to anticipate something, with hope that it will be amazing, like Christmas coming or your Birthday.

Bronze Feels like being secure, safe, confident. it's knowing that you are in your element and you are going to do fine.

Copper is peppery it's the heat you feel from a fire, its the taste of anything spicy in food, it's the pulling your hand back after getting burnt.

Peach is what something soft and fuzzy feels like, blankets, Scarfs, It's petting a small cute animal, Cat, dog, Rabbit. Ect.