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2017-09-27 02:50:31 (UTC)

Ain't it funny?

Mood: Done with this day
Song: ugh
Color: Purple

This day has sucked.
I don't even want to write or go into it.
Basically everything that was going good just blew up and everything sucks.
Ain't it funny how literally just yesterday i was saying that things at work were great and things were going good.
I feel like every time i get ahead a little bit start climbing up a little higher....i just get to crash back down to where i started.
Doing good, to doing bad.
Can't catch a break to save my life.
It's not that literally everything is horrible because i'm not so dramatic to say that and believe it, some bad things happened today but there are a lot of things i guess i can be very thankful for.
i just don't really feel it right now.
Right now i'm low and sad and angry and i feel like screaming but can't let it out...it's a suffocating feeling which i hate.

I'm trying to breathe and find a good distraction.
It's raining so that's at least a good thing.
music and movies and such i'm trying to think about anything but the things that are bothering me but i'm a girl, everything i think about is connected even things that should not remind me of people ect. do and then i'm right back where i started.
Do you ever just get tired of starting over?
I feel like my life is just running on a treadmill you work just as hard as someone running otherwise but you don't ever get anywhere.