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2017-09-27 01:26:02 (UTC)

Busy day

I have been turning in early every night. Having a DVR to record shows I do not want to miss is so handy. I woke up this morning to every one that I recorded on Monday night not even watched. Did not have time to watch them today either as I do not watch much tv during the day.
I wanted to get up and be ready to go when he got home this morning. We needed to once again take his truck to the shop. Should have done it yesterday but he was so tired and we ran out of time. So, this morning was our plan. However, he told me after I had been up a little while that he was too tired to drive and we could take it by there this afternoon. I was ok with all that and he went on to bed. I got all the trash up and ready to take out to the trash can since they pick it up in the morning. I cleaned up my bathroom just a little and I always clean the kitchen. It is the first room you see when you walk into our home. I have PT tomorrow.

I had a load of clothes n the dryer to fold. So, I ran a short warm cycle to get them ready. Got them folded which I do standing up. After that, I took a shower, got dressed and sat down a while. I still can not be on my feet too long. I grabbed our bills that were ready to mail, and my purse and off to the mail them I went. I stopped to get my car filled up with gas so he did not have to worry about all that. He has been driving my car to work while we get his truck fixed. I stopped in at KFC and picked him up something to eat when he woke up.....and returned home to walk, exercise a little and ice my knee.

He got up right on time, drank his coffee and ate. Then he came in here to tell me we should go ahead and take his truck and he will get ready for work when we get back. I grabbed some cash to stop at the bank on to pay a bill on my way to pick him up. I left before he did. It worked out great. When I pulled out to ride to the shop, he was literally right behind me. Perfect timing.

IT was not too long after we returned home that he was gone to work. Did not take long for him to get ready. So, here I am all alone. All chores are done. I ate some chicken and drank a ginger ale and watch some too the daytime soaps that I have taped. Then looked for something else to watch.

Before long I had on my gown and was ready to crawl in bed.

Everything is done. I am doing more each day and each day is getting easier. He told me today that he had taken off the day I go back to the doctor and the next day where he gets the shot in his eye. two days in a row. He never does that. But I am glad he is this time.

We have a man that who we just sold his rental property asking us to sell his house. He lives n a very large almost 7000 sq ft house with 6 bedrooms, and 6 baths. Not on the lake, but he has a lake view and a boat slip. I comped his property today and I think we can list it between 700 and 800k. He will be needing a smaller place to go too, so that is the plan now....I been doing research looking for communities for older people.....okay...people my age. LOL. He is a cash buyer. The person who bought his property is paying cash. We really have had a lot
of cash buyers in the past few years. Where do these people get their cash.? Print it in the basement? Hmmmmmm?

Riding through our town was very disappointing. The roads are being widened and I mean real wide. They are taking down trees, and taking lots of yards...and some houses. It is sad to see. Both of us were quiet on the way home. I told him we will go another way to pick up his truck.
That was just too much.