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2017-09-26 05:34:19 (UTC)

Best Work Day thus far

Mood: Tired but i'm here
Song: I'm alright by Jo Dee Messina
Color: Green

So today was the first Monday i worked which will now be a regular thing, but today was the best work day so far, Norma was great in a pretty good mood, in a sharing mood so conversation flowed and all the actually work things went well.
Like i feel like i know how to do all the things and know where everything is now and just feel more confident in my ability to help her, i worked later today thought than usual so i am tired but it's a good tired, the kind that comes with a job well done.
and well anything worth doing is worth doing well.
But today was good because i actually got to know her and feel like i'm developing a friendship or some love for her which helps in taking care of her...i mean i've always had compassion for her but i don't know that i went as far as to say that i considered her a friend.
But things were good today and i did my job well today.

I woke up around 9, and i jerked out of sleep because of the dream i was having, i dreamed that i slept really late and then dosed back off and was late for work and like panicked and rushed around so when i woke up i felt like the dream was real jerked up looked at my phone for the time and then realized it was only 9:00 oclock.
But then because of miscommunication with my dad on something he wanted to do, i was late because he said something about needing the car and then i waited for him was late for work and got called because i was late.
So...maybe my dream was a warning that i was going to be late today....ha.