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2017-09-25 16:54:11 (UTC)



Another day here in Brazil. It is partially cloudy and the sun appears in the sky once in a while. It is another day in my life... It is a boring day for me but I am happy the cleaner is here and the house will be clean once again. It is not a lot but it means a lot the fact she helps with the cleaning.

There is a lot going on in my parents' life... 18 years of being in the same place, in the same house is about to change.My mother was busy with her routine of washing up and vacuuming the floors... I don't understand why she spends so much time tidying up the house if she will move... but that is her way of dealing with change. I get worried about her arms... Both of them are aching. She needs to have surgery in one of them if not both... All this cleaning she does...

I woke up feeling very tired and a bit upset with the situation I am in. It is not easy sometimes... there is also a lot going on in my life as well but it seems static. I have as I said before questions about the future and I have to be patient with a lot of things I cannot change at the moment. But hopefully my prayers will be listened to.

My present seems a mixture of wrong choices but then I am pretty sure I have made the best choices I could have done in the past. Maybe I should have done things different... I will never know.

The routine makes me feel fed up... I am a bit down today. Tomorrow I am going out again. It is going to be a long afternoon. I hope it won't be so hot.

Oh! My my husband... yes, I am always mentioning him... He is all right but tired. Now he is relaxing after his work. He is not very pleased with the amount of hours he does at his job. He says it is not enough. He needs some overtime to come here... I mean to be able to save some money in order to come and visit us.

Well, I must return to my reality and then feel good about things as they are... ha ha ha.

Good energy people, good energy to all of us.