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2017-09-24 22:50:13 (UTC)

Sunday With things to ponder

Mood: Content
Song: American Idiot by Green Day
Color: Yellow

First because It's Sunday here are the things that i am thankful for:

1. Music
2. Faith
3. God
4. Friends
5. Hope
6. Internet
7. Knowing the truth.
8. Chances to try again.
9. A single serve milkshake maker.
10. A Job
11. Oklahoma
12. That there is someone out there for everyone if that's what they really desire.
13. Changing minds
14. My family
15. Secret santa which i need to work on.
16. Different people with different personality's
17. Being a night owl.
18. Waking up today.
19. Fall is coming up quick.
20. Feeling okay despite all the craziness going on around me.
21. Peace that passes understanding.
22. Songs you can't help but sing along to.
23. Window units that work when your air conditioning goes out. -_-
24. A sense of urgency
25. Wanderlust
26. Warm nights with a breeze.
27. Kindred souls.
28. Love
29. My Dog Happy
30. My over all health being good.

What are you thankful for today?
Take a few minutes to think about it and write it down it honestly is easy and enjoyable to do once you get started.