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2017-09-24 17:13:25 (UTC)

Sunday the day NFL died

I am sick of these pansy football players. Over paid cowards. You know our country is very close to war, probably a world war if the shit
really hits the fan. None of these coward taking a knee would do their duty and join the forces to protect this country. They would run and hide
like the cowards they are instead.. In the 70's, guys would run and hide in Canada. Not this time losers. Not this time. Canada is at risk also....just like we are. Especially the west coast.

I got a wonderful gift the other day. I was so happy too. One of you who I have hopefully advised and reminded often how special, wonderful, beautiful and talent are...sent me a novel that they recently published. OMG. I was so thrilled to receive it. On the page where she gave thanks, she mentioned me too by giving me thanks for supporting her and encouraging her over the years. I was so touched by her words that I busted out crying. How sweet for someone to care enough to remember you like that. I felt so good.. I am reading the novel too and lord, it is so good. I can almost see this action packed story playing out on the big screen already. It is amazing.
Thanks honey....I am very proud of you....

I got up early today. 6am in fact. Drank my coffee and walked around like I was normal for a while. I got breakfast cooked for my son, mopped the kitchen with my steamer and started a load of clothes. Then, I sat down with ice on my knee to rest a little not to over do it. I can go a while, but when I run out of gas, that is it.

Although I told everyone I would not watch Football today, I have already saw one of the cowards who did not stand get their knee broke.
I did not think of that happening. But maybe some of the players are a little upset...just like me. And if I do not watch, I can not enjoy
seeing them get injured.