My Letter To The World
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2017-09-23 20:56:06 (UTC)

I'm Queen of the world!

Mood: Relaxed if not slightly sad
Song: I'm alright By Jo Dee Messina
Color: Green

Because i missed writing yesterday i have had to accept a writing prompt from a friend because i promised to write every day in September hey I've literally only missed two days that's good!
hahah but as i did miss yesterday the prompt i was given was to write what i would do if i were a dictator for a day or rather what i would do if i ruled the world and what my world domination speech would be.
This really isn't my style as...i have no desire to be in charge of the world...(who wants that responsibility???)
but without farther ado here are a list of things that i would do if i were in charge of the world.....
(note some are serious and some are silly)

1. Make all Abortion illegal.
2. I would put the Bible back in schools and well i'd make sure that everyone had the opportunity to learn about God.
3. I would bring back really freedom of speech.
4. I would only appoint people i trusted fully and completely to have important jobs in Government (yes if i were a in charge i would have a government because one person alone cannot possibly deal with everything in the world.)
5. I would probably change some of the rulings of "life in prison" to the death penalty.
6. I would make it a rule that people in School and in college really learn their history and their heritage...not this bull that kids are being taught today.
7. Christians would not be persecuted for their faith. Someday the last Martyr will be the last....(yes that's a heavy serious one)
8. i think i might make an age limit for how old a person has to be before they can get a phone, Computer ipad. Technology. because i think that young kids should be kids and that means playing with actual toys, being outside and developing a good imagination.
9. Certain books, Movies, songs and poetry would just be famous staples that everyone knows.
10. In School it would be Required that you have a pen Pal probably from a different country which you would communicate with by writing letters. So that you learn about a different culture and because snail mail and pen pals are a dying art.
Like maybe in elementary school you are assigned someone and you just end up growing up writing to them and your friends and write them your entire life.
11. I would make sure that all people get the medical care and medicine that they need despite the cost.
12. I would make Travel a mandatory thing like maybe after college or after college age like maybe when your 23 you travel to different countries for like 2 years, you can live in different countries like a Journeyman....Maybe you could go to the country of the pen pal you met maybe you could travel with them somewhere ect. i

For my world domination speech? i'd probably be scared out of my mind knowing i was literally speaking in front of so many people...so honestly it would probably be short and sweet and to the point if it were me talking.

"Dear people of the world, things are about to be changing, hopefully for the good as i am now taking charge...what i want to do is make the world a better place...you might not like all of the rules and things that i am changing but i hope to make a good mix of the good old ways things used to be and modern ideas.
I want to put our energy less into entertainment and more into curing diseases.
I want stop the hate speeches and the rioting i want there to be a sense of peace and brotherly love in the world.
I Want the Hate and misunderstandings within our country and with our country and others to stop!
There is no reason for things to be this way, this isn't how God intended for things to be and from now on forward we are going to strive to do things in a way that would make those who came before us proud....and in a way that will make the generations that come after us grow up in a world that is better because our children deserve better, they do not deserve to have to fix all our mistakes and have to face hate and war and killing.
While i do not want a war i do think that we should know how to protect and defend what is our so that history does not repeat it's self...
We need to learn from the past mistakes of the world and not repeat them!
This is how it has to be.
It is the definition of insanity to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.
It is time for change....and i am ready to bring it."

Now that all being said...i am not a queen, i am not a president, i have no desire to be....
But i do agree with the list i posted and with the things i said above....
Tell me what you would do if you were in charge of the world?
and what would be something you'd say in your world domination speech?
i kept thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. as i was writing mine for some reason.....hahah
That and Nazi Germany and The Romanov's in Russia.....
Weird right????