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2017-09-23 16:10:46 (UTC)

My parents

Hi there!

I was a bit sad on Thursday because my parents are selling their house. So, I will be alone and they won't be my neighbours anymore. It was a bit disappointing the idea of being alone here but my father said he will come to feed the dogs and then he will walk in the path as well to exercise. A new challenge will come for me because I was used to popping in their house very often just to say hello and to have a chat with them in the mornings but now I won't have this habit anymore. Let's see how life will present itself. I know I will have good days and bad days.

This morning we were at their house. My father as always cooked for us. I guess things will change. I am not sure of that. My father was a bit drunk and he seemed sad to be leaving the place he has lived for 18 years. I am very attached to this place. I don't know much about the future but surely things will be different.

I was so down that I could not even write here. Now, I am conformed with the situation I am in. So, I will carry on with my life as best as I can until I can move on with my life.

Yesterday, we went to the mall. My mother took us there. I mean my aunt, my daughter and I. I had a good time there. My daughter and I walked in the mall just two of us and we bought a few things we needed and then we phoned my mother.

I must confess I just have my family here and my aunt that lives next door. I don't have real friends. I know some people but in the end I lost contact with my friends from secondary school and university. I hope that we can remain as a family but I don't know how it will be.

My husband was really concerned about me because I called him and I was crying. I hope we will be together again one day... I hope so. Today he is at work. He thought my parents could wait to sell their house as I don't intend to move before my husband gets his pension.

Anyway, here I am in the beginning of the afternoon writing about my wonderful life. I wonder what life reserves me. But I have dreams... believe me. I just need to have more faith that good things will happen to me.

So, good energy to all of us.