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2017-09-22 20:30:42 (UTC)

End of another challenging week

The PT had told me she was off today, and someone else would be coming in her place. But she ended up coming after all.
She was happy with the degree of bending I can do now, Been working on it. She showed me a few more things I can do with
the elastic bands that can help both knees. She left me needing ice which only shows that she worked me hard. I am feeling
much better about all this today.

I had planned on making some taco soup from a recipe that I had printed out from Facebook. I checked the pantry and to
my surprise, we had everything on it so I defrosted some beef and proceeded to putting it together. By this time, he was up
and drinking his coffee. Just a reminder he is working nights for now. He wanted to know what I was putting together and I
told him and that I was happy we had everything to make it. He mentioned that he had made it a while back from a recipe some
guy gave him when he was working last. Of course, he noticed my ingredients and started in on why did I have pinto beans
out..and hidden valley ranch dressing mix? "I hate ranch dressing of any form"......"I did not use pinto beans...that is going to
be nasty".....I showed him the recipe I had printed out and simply said that we must be using different recipes. Sometimes...actually

very often, he can be a complete ass hole,

I got it in the crock pot and the smell is marvelous. I have been craving the smell, the taste since I saw it. Can not wait....
Then my son came home, pleasant, happy and said he loves that stuff and we can eat together. ( by then the grumpy old
man will be on his way to work). I told him he can heat some up when he gets home if he wants to try it.

I usually just ignore him. Today was a good day to do that.

Talked to a nurse from the insurance company. I told her about the fybromalygia which I can not spell today. But she told
me about a new medication that is not a narcotic that I can try and ask me to call the primary care doc to see if he could
send in a request for it. She said he helps her husband with his fatigue and when I heard that, I thought it was worth a
try. Plus, I need something to to keep me on track with this PT.

Things are getting better.