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2017-09-21 22:06:54 (UTC)

Life after Big Brother 19

That was a joke. This season was a joke. I was shocked and could not stop watching the feeds to see what crazy ass shit was going to
happen next. I was not a fan the first days of Josh as he talked to the cameras trying to "tell his story"; but after a few weeks, he began to
grow on me. Seeing him win the show last night.....well, when I woke up...and fast fwd tot he end. I was not as emotional as I had expected, but I had just woke up. I was a little emotional today when I was telling my husband that he won.

I laid down early last night after taking a Zyrtec which for real cleared up the itching and red rash on my hands. I may be correct in thinking that
the neighborhood cats who like to pee in our yard right at the house and by the driveway has caused a reaction. I am allergic to cats. The last time I went out there with the PT practicing on the steps and walking on the driveway, I could smell the cat pee. It was almost burning my eyes. So, the Zyrtec solving the problem is no surprise.

I have beeb in a lot of pain today. But got up and got started anyway. I was ready to go when I woke him up, but I misunderstood him and
he had me change his appointment. So, he went back to sleep and I took a ride to CVS, I needed to get some new makeup. BUFF 150. Revlon. They had a bunch but not that one. So, I walked around in there a while so the trip would not be wasted. Then I rode to the POST OFFICE, I have not checked my mail box for a month. Still did not have much in it. Went to the bank to get. a few bucks, then went to drive thru to get some lunch for hm.

Oh yeah...get this. I have been weighing in the morning. Been losing a pound each day. This morning...I weighed in at 189.
WHOA!!! I started out at around 197. So, I hope I can at least keep this up. Losing weight is something I have really needed to do.

I posted a recent photo on FB. I took it yesterday. Got some positive comments. Just one person had to say "OMG where is your beautiful hair"? I been wearing my hair shorter for a long time. Easier to manage. Plus I do not put chemicals on it either. There are some natural steaks of grey, It looks ok. I still wish it was shorter.

Anyway...I have worked out some since he left. Did some cleaning. I am not laying around doing nothing. Well, not all the time.
But this is very discouraging and I am crying alone a lot. I never expected all this pain. I thought I was stronger.

I am stronger. I think I just need to find it.

I will be okay. I know it. I am losing weight. I am going to win this battle.

Thank you guys.....