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2017-09-21 12:49:32 (UTC)

Killer among us

I learned this morning that we have a serial killer in our area or close by. They have found 7 bodies so far not all in same place, but all were
of young women, all races and all had tattoos and get this, all bodies were buried with a "rose" beside of it. It think that tells a lot about
either the killer or the relationship between the killer and victim. Could the killer's last name be "Rose"? Who knows. Just knowing that we have this kind of monster in the area is one more creepy feeling.

Plus, although I heard nothing about Anthony Weiner sexting the 15 year old who lives here on the national news, it is all over the
local news. Now, she is saying so they are saying she said...that she only sexting him to influence the election last year? Seriously?
How does a 15 yr old tramp type girl even know that texting this man or who is he to begin with...? Sounds like they are determined
to spin it in a direction that would make it all her fault,. not his. He is in "treatment" so they also say....which seems to be a recurring
thing with him. I think placing the blame on the 15 yr old is a cop out.

Today, I drive him to eye doctor, then he has to come back home and return to bed to get more sleep before going into work.
I wish he had took the day off...or canceled the appointment.

Yesterday was horrible for me. I am determined to do better though.


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