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2017-09-21 03:55:06 (UTC)

Jack of all trades master of none

mood: Good
Song: Ho Hey by the Lumineers
Color: Peach

I'm Tired.
That being said.....

I can't believe that it's September 20th.
Today something that i noticed while at work was that minutes passed by slow but hours went by fast....which i know makes absolutely no sense except to me.....
But what i mean was while i was kinda counting down time until my shift is over....i'd glance at my phone and barely any time would have passed since the last time i looked at it.
But then i'd make myself get busy with something else and refuse to look at the slow minutes passing and then later look at the time and see that maybe hours had passed.
Minutes go slowly but hours pass fast.

I've spent the entire evening talking and visiting with my Grandpa which amazingly has gone really well and i feel like we've kinda connected and talked about some good and deeper things that we haven't really ever had the chance to and it was also nice that he would listen to me when i was saying something....
Like he actually cared about my opinions or something which it has never really been that way before...i think maybe Josie passing away has changed him.
I don't know.
but i can't say that i don't like the change...he seems like so much less sexist and more genuine and cares more about what mom, me and even the kids have to say not just Dad.

I'm getting old, it's 10:40 and i'm tired... it feels much later.
But will i sleep until after 2AM? probably not.
I mean there have been nights this week that i did fall asleep before 2AM but then there were also nights that it was closer to 4AM.
and it's only Wednesday night.
I'm glad that i don't have to be a Norma's everyday.
I mean...like i don't think i'd mind working every day and maybe having Sunday off. but i'd want to like do a different Job... while i like helping out Gerald and Norma and i'm all for being there since they need me...Home health care is only a temporary Job it's definitely not what i want to do with my life...I'm to awkward to deal with people that i don't know very well when you have to deal with people that intimately.
Definitely not my calling in life....but i have a newfound respect for nurses and such who do do things like this for a living and they do it well and they are just kind and compassionate and not awkward or if they feel like it is, they don't show it.
This is a For now Job not a forever job and the bad thing about it is, i can't really add it onto a resume or anything -_-
ha...in the worlds eyes i am not an impressive person.
But i feel like i've done a lot of good things....a lot of eternal things and at the end of your life it isn't the things you can put on a Job Resume that are going to matter.
(not that having some experience to speak of is bad...because it's not.)
and i know how to do a lot of things and i've done a lot of volunteering.
that is life i guess.
I feel like a jack of all trades and a master of none.