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2017-09-19 23:43:01 (UTC)

Mac Air arrived today

IT came right as he was leaving for work. He actually signed for it and brought the box inside for me. It was so easy to set up. I am very
happy, The keyboard lights up making it easy for night time and really on the lap in bed. It weighs practically nothing too. A little smaller
than what I use but I can adjust. I can stick this thing in my purse. For real.

So, I think I have already posted an entry for today. But wanted to add that my laptop came. I have the other one ready to go see the
geek squad as soon as my life gets back to normal.

He has to go to doctor on Thursday to get a shot in his eye. I told him I would be driving him that day. I will stay in the car so I won't have
to be around a bunch of people who might accidentally run into me. But this will be my first day driving. I think I will be fine.

Today has been miserable. I am not doing too good people. That PT is gonna kill me tomorrow. I am only doing what I can do. And
I will not allow her to go on and on about the doctor and what he might do if I do not or will not be able to bend my knee to his liking. Bull
Shit. He will be doing nothing that I do not want him too. So, my progress might not be on their schedule but it will been mine. After all,
if he wants to do my other knee, he will not hurt me this time. I am doing my my on speed.

I am looking forward to being able to do stuff again. This is just not my cup of tea....I feel like one of those people in a old folks home...
just n it alone.

My daughter touched base this afternoon. I was asked to go to a field hockey game for one of the girls. I thanked her for asking...but
not something I can do at the moment.

Anyway....once again.

This is me.