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2017-09-19 17:33:27 (UTC)

Part of my routine


I just had to interrupt my nap or my relaxing time because the postman arrived. The mail wasn't for me. It was for my mother. I received it for her.

This morning I was busy with the shopping at the supermarket and now I am doing some laundry. I already washed two loads of clothes. I intend to get it finished for today. Also, I managed to iron some clothes as well.

I am not feeling down or depressed just tired as always. I guess it is like that. I like to go out but just hate coming home and having to do a lot of washing... but hey that is part of my routine.

My husband is fine and at home. We chatted for sometime and now I guess he is having his dinner. He took his sister out today. A bit of routine to sort out and then they popped in some friends house.

I wonder what I am going to do after I finish with the laundry... I am not in the mood to clean of tidy up more things...

So, that is it for today... Nothing really special. Just an update...

Good energy to all of us...