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2017-09-19 04:43:06 (UTC)

Southern Hospitality

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Here are some southern things, Traditions ect that southerners do or say that other people from other places generally don't.

1. Sweet iced Tea is the only tea
2. Manners is what you were raised to have
3. Ma'am and sir. are what you say
4. Locally owned business are the heart of places
5. College Football almost a religion
6. Going Mudding is a fun pastime
7. Everyone has a farmers Tan
8. Family Dinners are on Sunday
9. Southern twang is what it is...and you don't even notice until your somewhere where they don't have that twang
10. we are in the Bible belt.
11. Everything is better with Butter and Bacon.
12. Bless your heart is the best way to insult someone.
13. People wear Camo even when not hunting.
14. People Freak out about snow.( Got to get to the store for Milk, Eggs and Bread before the world ends!)
15. Everyone waves at everyone...because we are nice like that.
16. You Love being bare foot...no matter how old you are.
17. Everyone owns a pick up truck and rides in the back often.
18. we pull over on the side of the road when there is a funeral procession out of respect even if you don't know the person who died.
19. We give directions by landmarks not by numbers.
20 Southerners are some of the most genuinely nice people you will ever hope to meet.