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2017-09-18 17:39:21 (UTC)

Starting 4th week

It seems like months. I really with it was months instead of just s three weeks. Today is the 4th Monday after surgery. Last night was
brutal tryin to sleep. We do no realize the part our knees and legs play even when we are laying down. The PT showed me how to
use a pillow and try to sleep on my side and I tried it. But the pain was not worth it. I woke up in so much pain, reaching for the
ice pack and a pain pill feeling like a failure right from the start of this day. I did walk it out though. I walked and lifted that leg
many times then iced it again. By then, he was up. And I was not sure why, since he is supposed to be going to work this afternoon
to work 12 hours...and with all the walking back and forth to his truck and the may as well say 14 or so hours. He said
he woke up and could not get back to we had coffee together before he cooked some bacon and made some toast.

I let him help me use the elastic band to do some stretching...which was nice to have some help. But it was clear that I had done too
much for this morning. I returned to the recliner with my ice and then got some more ice when the first pack did its thing.

My knee is so damn sore again, I can not stand for the gown I am wearing to touch it. If you have ever had gout or know anyone who
has, it seems like that. The PT reminded me when I ask her about this that the nerves are still healing since he did have to cut them
too. Yeah, thanks for that reminder.

Week four. I have three more week and three days before I go back to the doctor. Surely by then I will have improved some.
The PT won't be here until Wednesday and Friday for 3 more weeks too. I think if I at least keep trying to work through the pain
and walk, I should be ok. I expect improvements each week.

Days like today though, I am gonna have to take it as it comes and slow it down when I can.

He will be leaving around 5pm and my son won't be here till late. Even he is regretting going back to work today and
said so earlier he wish his assignment was a couple weeks out as he does not feel good leaving me alone.

I reminded him that it takes him about 3 or 4 hours to cut our grass. He is outside doing that and I am in here alone...
nothing bad happened. I have a cell phone. I can call my son who will be stop the worrying.

My laptop could come today. I was hoping he would be asleep when it did. But maybe it will be tomorrow.
He should be ready to sleep some then after working all those hours.

Anyway...thanks for the well wishes....
I am trying....