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2017-09-17 20:04:59 (UTC)

In a good mood

Hi there!

It is 4.49 p.m and we just returned from my parents' house. My mother prepared a nice orange cake and it was delicious. We also had lunch there... I mean, my daughter and I.

Even though we were at my parents the day passed slowly. I have managed to wash two loads of clothes but I didn't vacuum the house. My daughter asked me to do it tomorrow when she is not at home. She doesn't enjoy the noise of the hoover. Let's see if I do these housework tomorrow morning.

I am in a good mood today although I didn't do anything special. It is cloudy and the temperature has decreased a bit which is good. It is cloudy and drizzly. I am quite enjoying it.

My husband has returned home and was watching a bit of TV. He worked all day long. He said to me they are not giving overtime to do. So, money is short at the moment. But I don't complain.

Tomorrow I will be staying at home. On Tuesday, we are going to the supermarket.

I have to find something to fulfill my time but I am not inspired to watch TV or to read a book. I would like to go out tonight.

Well, so my Sunday is like that at the moment...

Good energy to all of us!