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2017-09-17 16:50:32 (UTC)

Sunday rough days ahead

I can tell now that this healing process for knee replacement is not going to go as I had hoped.
I still feel pretty rough. Painful as hell. I was hoping by now, going into the fourth week, I would
be more limber and less painful to move. But it is pretty much the same.

I am not doing the exercises as asked too my the PT. But hell, I can not remember them all.
I am trying though. I am trying.

I have three more weeks before returning to the doctor. He is not gonna like it if I have not
made much progress. The PT has be scared to death about that visit. Hell, I might cancel it

He goes back to work tomorrow night....DAMN IT...I was hoping he would be working days so
I could have a normal few weeks. But instead, he will be here sleeping in the day and getting
ready to leave and coming home in middle of night. I needed my alone time. I have some
projects to complete that require it. He said he will be switching half way days.
We shall see. I believe I have heard that before. I think he simply likes to stay up all night
and getting up early for work is not his thing now. FUCK IT.

I will figure something out.

Good news from the boss that our latest listing is getting good feedback and a shitload of showings
since I crawled overt there and took some photos. Good news.

I am feeling beat.
Kind of giving up a little.

But I am hoping that changes soon. I need to improve.

Walking is hard.