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2017-09-17 05:43:04 (UTC)

Faith beating out the Fear

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Saturday night, the last bit of peace before lots of worrying and Anxiety kick up a notch, i know that Dad and Mom and Grandpa will leave for the city tomorrow night and then Monday is dad's surgery and it's very worry some.
I feel a fear as i always do in these situations that are out of my hands, things i don't have a say in or any control over, but that's when faith has to step in.
I have faith That God works everything for the good of those who love him....Faith that This surgery will go well and smooth and that it will fix the problem and that dad will come through it and be better for it.
I have Faith to know that if i ask God will give me and all of us Peace, peace that passes understanding peace that only comes from God.

It's Just reminding myself of those things that is difficult.
It's about taking it one bit at a time and staying in prayer.

Today has been a good day, i drew and spent time with my family and then had the house to myself as everyone went to the Jamboree.
It's almost one and i have to be up early....but i also don't feel like i can sleep right this second.
But hopefully soon, best thing to do is try to wind down.