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2017-09-16 19:30:08 (UTC)



It is Saturday and I am a bit lazy... I didn't vacuum the house nor did any housework today.

We went to my parents'house this morning and had lunch over there. It was delicious and I didn't have to cook. I am glad I have my daughter to keep me focused about feeling good about my life, although I find it dull at the moment. I don't know if I enjoy Saturdays or if I hate it. It is ambiguous for me. I like because I can stay a little bit more in bed and I hate it because I end up being lazy and I don't like to be that way.

It is just another day for me. Yesterday, I didn't enjoy going out with my mother... She was in a terrible mood and not just that she takes her time to decide things she wants to buy. I just don't enjoy it sometimes... Then she starts showing the decoration bits she did... I mean pictures she has on her mobile and sometimes it is a bit annoying because some of the attendants don't want to see them. I had that feeling yesterday... The woman was in a hurry and my mother wanted to show the pictures... Anyway, she sensed I was a bit fed up as well.

I have spoken to my husband. He is already at home and I chatted with him. I wish he was here today. But never mind... I hope next year he can come and visit us.

I just had my coffee and bread... So, I am not willing to eat so soon. Eating is like a comfort for me. I am not fat but I have to be careful because I might end up a bit chubby. I weigh almost 50 kg. So, I am not fat.

Well, nothing else I wish to add to my post.

Good energy to all of us.