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2017-09-16 16:48:53 (UTC)


So he says he will be working at night...sleeping during the that messes up my plans. I will not have as much time to do
the things I had planned to do...until he swaps shifts midway through outage which he says they will be doing. Never before, but
we shall see.

My son was here when he got home and I asked them to remove the mattress and spray "bedbug" spray on the mattress. OMG,
my husband freaked out. THERE IS NOT ANY BEDBUGS IN THERE...but they did it anyway. I have two more bites on my legs and
wanted to take care of it before it gets worse. I feel like I am living in filth. He is so stupid. Son says you can not see bed bugs.
My husband saying...there is not any....that is why you can not see them.

I showed them the bites. THAT IS BECAUSE OF YOUR NERVES, NOT BITES! Well, I reminded him that at one time a dermatologist
said it WAS BED BUG I was going with that. WELL THEY WERE is YOUR NERVES and I am sick of hearing
about bed bugs.

For the love of god.