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2017-09-16 04:35:40 (UTC)

Weekend...changes to come

OMG he will be getting up to got to orientation in the morning. Then next week, back to work. Finally. My son said he could take a few days off to be here if I needed him too. But I do not. I am doing fine. PT came today. I could lift my foot off the floor. I was fine. I thought. Then she reminded me that I am not bending my knee back enough nor is the leg as straight as it should be. So, we went over those exercises and when she left, I thought the pain was going to kill me. She said that if I can not bend it when I go back to see doctor, they may put me under so they can force bend it. HOLY SHIT. I will be doing the exercises in hopes to avoid that.

My friend whom I met on this site from Australia asked for my mailing address. She is sending me something. Not sure what. But I will be looking forward to anything she may send. I will be working on my songs after I get used to having some time alone so I can record them and send to her. She is a great singer and I would be honored knowing she is sharing my songs on her side of the world. Too cool.

That is one thing I love about this site. I met a great gal from MICH. Love her. I met a man from the UK who was in a horrible marriage. He wrote about it daily. And finally left her and met someone else that I hope is treating him right. He sent me t-shirts and bracelets from the Olympics when they were there. Awesome.

Sometimes, reaching out to one another can harm hearts and heal souls. Just do it.

I love it. laptop fried. I can not sit at this desktop too I will go for now.

Will check back in sometime this weekend.

I have an APPLE laptop on its way. I hope it being a MAC...and NO WINDOWS updates to ruin my day...or fry my system. I hate that.