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2017-09-16 04:26:19 (UTC)

Calm after the storm

Boy I almost deleted my last post. But then you would miss a big part of my OCD. So, I left it.

The PT came shortly after he returned from the drug store with a shit load of bandages. I had
already put one on. And had a second one just in case she wanted to take it off to take a look.

She did not. Instead, she gave me hell for taking off the Ziploc bandage myself. I told her I
figured it would be ok since she had left some supplies...although I was a fish out of water
trying to figure out how to use them.

She placed some strip bandages on my incision to help pull it closer together during healing.
After that, I was fine. We did the exercises and I walked. We figured out how best to use
my desk chair. She said she would come back tomorrow. I have my leg up with ice. She said
that would help the swelling and I should be doing it a lot.

So, although I called dr. office and sent them an email for an antibiotic. I am really not concerned
about it now. So, back to normal.

Also, she said I could drive just so I have not taken medication. If I drive, take medication after
I get home....excellent. This is good. He has a doctor appointment next week I will have to drive
him to it. Then we go talk to insurance guy about Medicare which it is time to sign up for.

If any of you have any suggestions about it...please feel free to reply.