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2017-09-15 12:00:35 (UTC)

New system vote

Hi there!

Today is Friday... Hooray!

I am going to have a busy afternoon. First thing in the afternoon I will have to do is to register to vote in the new system here in Brazil. They scan your fingers and take a nice picture of you. After that, I will follow my mother where she wants to go... She told me she needs to renew her driving license and go to another decoration place. Let's see... Today, I rather stay at home and don't do anything. But it is good I am going out again.

I must say I would like some type of leisure like visiting a park or a museum things you can do in England I guess... I did some of that during the time I lived there. Here everything is so expensive and it is not safe driving on the roads (motorways)...

It is going to be another hot day. I am ready for that today. I hope by 4.00 pm we will be at home.

At the moment, I am washing one load of clothes and I have done some housework but didn't vacuum the house as I wanted. It seems hard work to do. I might do it tomorrow afternoon... On a Saturday... ha ha ha

Last night, I would say I slept OK but woke up really early... but stayed in bed trying to sleep a bit more. I continue to feel tired of the routine and the days seem the same although I went out practically the whole week. Today I am not so depressed because I fight against it. The problem is feeling tired all the time. I hope I might find one day a better sleep pattern for myself.

Well, I might start lunch a bit early today as I need to go out...

My husband is not working today. He is at home relaxing... At work, he has a hard job though... I already spoke with him. I miss having a close relationship, I mean being together in the same country. It has been difficult for us... My daughter and I are doing OK but it would be better if my husband was here with us.

I hope the day goes quickly... So, good energy to all of us.