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2017-09-15 05:46:01 (UTC)

More Ten word stories

Mood: Happy
Song: Ho Hey By the Lumineers
Color: Green

More Ten word stories as they are enjoyable for me to write and i feel like writing them.

"This Chapter of my life is called peeling back layers"

"I want to be brave and confident and flirty too"

"Abundant Laughter isn't just for those who are empty inside"

"I wish you didn't do things that would hurt you"

"Disappointment was the emotion i didn't say to you today"

"Smiling at the man on the moon drawn on my hand"

"Maybe there are better things ahead than i left behind"

"Take the freaking ten dollars, it's just freaking ten dollars"

"September means change and transition it means smiling at you"

"He's like a little brother and that both hurts and heals"

"You kids...make me feel conflicted, but i love you still"

"Why don't you go crawl back under your rock Grandmother"

"For once scrolling through Facebook i'm all smiles and likes"

"The summer was almost dead and gone and me with it"

"Shedding layers as the cold is coming and praying for rain"

"He doesn't have a life verse and doesn't remember your words"

"I was praying you and me might end up together"

"My hearts so full that i can't explain the Joy"