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2017-09-15 04:52:29 (UTC)

Tired and wishing it was tomorrow evening

Mood: Exhausted
Song: Amazing Phil video
Color: Green

It's one of those days that didn't at all turn out the way that imagined it would.
I cleaned house and did laundry this morning and then ended up going to Hobart with My dad to pick up a couch and Love seat that we bought when we got home we unloaded it, and then i made my dad lunch and then went down to the antique store to see Estebaliz and hang out with her, ended up dealing with a woman who was clearly drunk, drugged and High. (that's always lots of fun) she was honestly creepy!
She wasn't wearing a bra and you could see everything oh and also see throughish leggings with no underwear....
Okay then i got to hang out with Kim for a while and then went to Estebaliz and kris' house ended up in a really good spiritual discussion and i was just really comfortable with all of them...and that makes me smile...cause i didn't think that i'd end up fitting in with anyone here and yet here i was today with Kim, and Estebaliz and kris, Ares, and Maya....like i sat there in their new sun room with them and just thought about how different this year is compared to last year and how it's drastically different from two years ago.
I also talked to Hannah a bit and that was good.

I had planned to clean then stay in, chill draw and just have a lazy day, which it ended up being anything but lazy.
But i'm not complaining because i think i now have some new good people in my life....
and even as i write that i am feeling the fear of being betrayed, the fear of letting people in and being let down again.
But love and friendship is a risk....and it's worth it for those few magical creatures that you meet.
I have work tomorrow and My Grandpa is also coming in from Texas tomorrow....
So i am kinda already wishing it were Friday evening cause then the work day would be over and done and the weekend would be here but hey Friday's are good days for me usually...so i think it will be a good day.
As for now? i'm going to maybe read for a while say hello to a few friends and then sleep.
Blessed sleep hahah