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2017-09-14 11:40:05 (UTC)

Fed up of housework


How's it going?
I am fine and less tired because I slept OK. I already took my daughter to school and now I am here again. I have done my light housework... I could vacuum the floors but I am a bit fed up of housework. Besides, I need to wash my hair and dry it... so it means hair on the floor.

This morning I popped in my parents house to chat a little bit with them. My mother told me my nephew was misbehaving yesterday. He can be very hyperactive sometimes. They say as grandparents they are not used anymore to small children.

I am quite glad to be at home this morning. As I said before I am less tired but I still feel tired. I don't feel so depressed because I have been out of the house. It was good to see people around. My daughter saved some money from her birthday and then bought a pair of trainers. They looked really nice.

Yesterday afternoon we had a good time at the cafeteria, in family. This cafeteria is now crowded because the other one we used to go closed in the mall. So, I enjoyed the meal but lately I am not very kind in eating cakes.

I have to go to the hairdresser this afternoon. So, I might start lunch a bit early...

Well, hope good energy to all of us.