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2017-09-14 02:03:21 (UTC)

First day jitter Exhaustion

Mood: Tired but okay
Song: Lips of an angle by Hinder
Color: Yellow

First day of the new Job, It's doable.
Like half of it's boredom and the other half is anxiety of doing things the right and particular way that they want it done.
But it's a little extra money and it's a job and well it's all good.
half of me is like i'm not working that hard and then the other half is like you aren't getting paid enough for this lol.
It's a minute by minute thing...
But the first day jitters is what has exhausted me, like my anxiety is what made me so tired.
So Friday will be better....because i know better what to expect and my anxiety won't be so bad.
And then i'll be off through the weekend and i'll already have to miss monday because of Dad's surgery...but that's okay.
Back at it after that.
It's still so awkward, I'm so awkward i have too many awkward bones in my body lol i am litteraly one of the most awkward people i have ever seen....and some might say that that has some charm...with me...it does not. lol.

But on the upside we got our internet back up today so yay! i'm typing this from the comfort of my own house in my own room not "stealing" WIFI.
I'm going to watch the Old it, and relax talk to some friends and then enjoy a good nights sleep.
I feel really happy right now....like accomplished and such.
It's not the Job i pictured and it's not paying what i'd need if i had to be on my own but it is a job and i needed one and well....It got some things off my back.

I feel like i'm in an odd mood.... so i'm going to end this here.