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2017-09-12 23:45:04 (UTC)

Got a Job

Mood: Nervous
Song: Ugh

I just got a job, got hired to do basically home health.
I'm not getting paid like a home health does...but then again i didn't go to school for this.
I'll be staying with Norma, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday's from 1-6 and i'll be doing things like taking her to the restroom and and getting her anything she needs and basically just being there cause someone has to be there.
I went there just now basically so that i could talk to her and Jerald and so that they could show me what was expected which was awkward but i did help her to the restroom which is just an expected part of the Job.
Not fun or enjoyable for either of us mid you, but like...i feel like it was more of a humbling experience for me than it was for her, and i just...
ugh it's weird and awkward and i feel nervous and i think that she's a pretty critical person....and mostly i think i'm just freaking out about the unknown and well the idea of awkward situations is kind of a phobia of mine.
But hey i have a job!
which it isn't a lot of money but it's more than i'm currently making and considering the holiday's are coming up well i'm all for making some extra cash.
heck i need to save some money.

I'm hoping that the money is worth the job, and that i don't do something to screw this up because i've never really done this before and well i seem to be screwing up every other area of my life!
So wish me luck and send prayers my way that my anxiety will calm.