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2017-09-12 17:09:32 (UTC)

Laundry time again

Hi there!

It is cloudy and it is not too hot right now. Summer is coming and then the heat will be strong.

As I said in the previous post I went to the supermarket with my mother this morning. We had a delicious breakfast at the bakery of the supermarket. It became very busy after we started eating. So, I bought some fruit to try to eat along the week. I need to start balancing the food I eat.

When I arrived at home I had to wash the dishes and start preparing the lunch. Today my daughter had pizza and I had noodles with beans... Very healthy indeed... ha ha ha Tomorrow, I intend to cook in a proper way.

At the moment, I am doing some laundry. This afternoon, I washed some cover I use in the bed. I need to wash all my duvets.

I am so happy I went out. It makes a difference being out and about. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the mall again. My father invited us to go out to the nearest town.

Well, I hope I continue to feel positive as I am.

Good energy to all of us.

P.S: I forgot to mention I spoke with my husband. Today he is not working... as his job is part-time. He is doing fine and every time I ask about his health, he tells me he is all right. I don't know why he was so miserable here in Brazil. I guess it was because of his job. It was too stressful teaching English.

We see each other on the camera everyday. I am glad we can chat and know about each other's life on daily basis. I hope by the end of next year we will be able to see each other personally again. It was so good last time being a proper couple again. My daughter and I miss him very much but we hope our plans come true.