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2017-09-12 13:39:15 (UTC)

What the hell have I done?

For the love of GOD...if I had this to do over, it would have been a great big HELL NO!
After the last bandage was removed, and the incision area bled a little, I was not too
concerned. It had been hurting like a mother fucker so I expected something like
that. Hoping today would be better so I could shower and wear normal clothes,
I got up and proceeded.

HOLY SHIT. My knee is swollen twice the size of the other one. It is red all around
the area it was cut...and I actually saw puss coming out of the top of it. It is
so damn infected it feels like a fucking boil. Most people have never had a boil....
but this feels like one.

I read the post op info on this...OH way will I bother going to the doctor
If they are going to cut it open and start all over.

SO, I called them today asking for antibiotic to help me out.

After going through several menus....I had to leave a damn message....

What the hell?

My husband is at the drug store seeking supplies I did not anticipate
needing. Bandages...tape...etc....

My PT is going to have to help me out when she comes today...
yesterday was cancelled. I walked all day in this house...trying
to do what I need to get better...and healed properly.

Right now, my nerves are so upset, my hands are itching....I have had to
change the pee pads about 5 times since I got up today....literally peeing
all over myself.