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2017-09-11 19:22:22 (UTC)

On this day

Mood: Found closure
Song: Don't let me be lonely By the Band Perry
Color: Red with flecks of dark blue

September 11th 2017

On this day in history the following things happened.

1773 Benjamin Franklin wrote "There was never a good war or bad peace"
1853 The first electric telegraph was used.
1875 The first newspaper cartoon strip was used.
1909 Max wolf rediscovers Halley's comet.
1936 FDR dedicates the Hoover Dam
1941 Construction of the Pentagon begins(and is finished some three years later)
1946 The first long distance car to car telephone conversation
1951 Florence Chadwick becomes the first woman to swim the English channel
1962 The beetles cut "Love me do" and "P.S I love you"
1998 Bill Clinton is accused of 11 impeachable acts.
2001 the world trade center towers are bombed as well as he Pentagon
2002 the Pentagon is completely repaired exactly one year after the attack

I'm of course skipping so many other things that happened on this day....through out history.....if i listed everything i'd be here all day and i literally have to head home now...haha.
But i do want to say that i remember this day....