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2017-09-11 17:54:18 (UTC)

The Run Down

Mood: Content
Song: I'll be by Edwin McCain
Color: Green

Okay so i'm down here using WIFI again....4 more days guys four more days till we have internet again!
haha i'm not having that horrible of a time....i don't miss it all much during the day but at night is when i have an issue... no netflix or YouTube or anything that i would normally watch or listen to music or even to just have something on in the background.
Anyway's i'm here now as both a mix of some work on the secret project that i need to get done which i need internet for, well that work and a mixture off goofing off on the internet and catching up on some YouTube videos and Vloggs I've missed the the past few days.

To do:
Secret project work/Research
This entry....Have only missed one day this month so far....all things considered that's great...course its only the 11th....
Compose a message to my Grandmother...it's time.

I was watching YouTube avoiding actually composing this message and doing any work....i feel a bit lazy but it's Monday which is like my Sunday....so sue me. :P
Yesterday i went and saw the Remake of IT which i actually really liked it was so much more intense that the original movie (which i love it was the first scary move i ever saw lol)
But the remake isn't all true to the old movie but has a lot more true references to the book which i enjoyed and i need to finish rereading it but a lack of internet has made that difficult haha... i mean the last time i read Stephen Kings IT i was a teenager....so some of it is a bit blurry.
I was probably 15 or so when i read the book, 12 or so when i saw the movie.
I want to watch the remake again and again...cause like literally there is so much...going on in it...but it's good and i want to watch the second part! ahhhh it needs to hurry up and be here....(haha she says while the first parent isn't even out of theaters yet.)

Okay....so i'll quit stalling and actually get some work done....but i will be back for another entry before i leave the Internet behind lol.