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2017-09-11 16:31:38 (UTC)

Tired again


It is 1.05 p.m. and I am very tired. It has been like that lately... A constant battle with my own feelings and the boring routine that I go through everyday.

This morning I had to take and collect my daughter from school. I prefer when I don't have to collect her and my father does that for me. I am still driving the old car. My father has decided not to sell it. He said he is too old to take my daughter to school in the mornings and it is very early anyway to start his day. He prefers to collect her instead.

Today was a difficult start for me, as I said. The beginning of the day was slow... I mean, being tired and wanting to run away doesn't help at all. There are days that the routine sucks. I didn't have to cook the whole weekend holiday but I had to cook today. It is fine if you love cooking but if you feel like an obligation than it is a pain in the neck... Also, the laundry as always. I end up washing clothes everyday and it is a never ending job.

I feel that if I pay too much attention to my own life I get even more worried about things... That is the reason I am writing less. But I continue with the idea that expressing myself is good for me so here I am.

My only real company is my family. We had a good weekend so far. No fights and peace. That has made me feel good.

We went to the mall on Friday afternoon to buy a few things and to have coffee and cake. I just hated the cafeteria that we had our meal. It wasn't good at all. I didn't appreciate the cake. The coffee and the pastry were good.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to the supermarket with my mother. We usually have breakfast there. I am looking forward to that.

By the way, the cleaner is here. I am glad she came and the house will smell clean. It is never too dirty but I like when I feel it is clean.

I have spoken to my husband this morning. At the moment, he is working. I hope he doesn't get too tired.

Well, nothing else to report in my little world.

Good energy to all of us.