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2017-09-11 15:27:34 (UTC)

Windy Monday...gotta love these days

I am convinced that the weather channel should change their name to WAGS. Something about maybe guessing sometime.
All we have heard is OMG DOOM AND GLOOM...get out get for your yourself. When in fact, this hurricane
was no where near the horrible death for sure thing they kept feeding us for a week. Hell, on facebook, every minute of every
day..."pray for each other" "Please stay sage" "I am sending prayers to anyone in the path of this destruction" For the love of
GOD, stop already. Probably a ploy to get donations to the RED CROSS who usually cause more controversy than help. The
people in TEXAS should have been the main story all week, not a hurricane that they could not decide which way it was going
for real from one minute to the next. They were all guessing.

Anyway...after saying that, I hope our roof stays in tack. LOL

My knee was horrible yesterday. I could barely walk. But I did some just to keep moving it. I have about had it with the PT.
Today, she should come to take this last part of the bandage off. I could probably peel it off myself. No stitches just glue.
But I would feel better with it off. I will be able to wear crops without worry of the cloth getting stuck on it. But hoping today,
she just takes it off and leaves. I think I am about done with PT. I can do it myself. At least watching you tube can help...
she is not doing any of those exercises. But she is instructing me to do the ones that hurt like hell. I am not into pain. Been
in pain for two years now. I am done with it. She keeps do not want it to heal with scar tissue...and get stuck
that way, he will have to do another surgery. I am not worried about it. And do not jump with threats. I feel like her
saying that shit is like the weather channel screaming gloom and doom for a week.....not much to it really....just all talk.

This is my last week with him home. He finally gets to go back to work and I will have some alone time here. Hoping one
more week will be what I need to be ready to be on my own. I have not fallen or came close. But still do not want to venture
out alone. One week, that should change.

The real estate market is going down hill at the moment. I am destined to have no money what so ever this year.
Well, what else is new?