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2017-09-09 21:04:07 (UTC)

Run, Break down and work

Mood: Ugh
Song None
Color: Purple

This day started off with my phone going off messages from my mother saying we had to leave in ten minutes....so i literally get up throw on some clothes, brush my teeth put up my hair and run down stairs and make it to the front door just as she and my sisters where walking out the door....turns out they wanted to go to the air show today....and i was expected to go as well...but no body told me for sure!
all i knew was that my mother said on FB that she was interested in the event....
But yeah so we jump in the car get to altus and then the radiator starts over heating which means that we had to pull over and instead of pullng over in the empty church parking lot that was coming up my mother doesn't pushing the car more than she should have and finally pulls over in this creepy trailer park area thing...(I am not saying that trailer parks are bad or creepy in of themselve because they are not) but this specific place was.
and i'm like.... Brillinant....just brillint so i get out walk around to the front pop the hood let it cool down then start walking towards the entrance of the place to see the sign to figure out the address because my mom who was on the phone to road side assistance didn't know exactly what the address to where we were but then she's freaking out calling me back to the car to get the insurance and all that out of the glove compartment for her, i did then went and looked at the sign and googled our location gave it to road side assistance.
Then called my dad so that he could come pick us up waited for the tow truck to come then we left with my dad.
Watched a little bit of the air show which honestly? was a bit boring in my opinion....like i'd rather be in the planes than on the ground watching.

We got home and dad and i immediately came to the church where we started sanding off walls so that we could continue mudding them so that we can texture them so that we can paint them so that we can finish this nursery renovation.
he went back home to change into some older clothes which explains why i have a moment here to write and be on the computer which is over now cause he's back