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2017-09-09 17:10:03 (UTC)

Shut in maybe

So here I am almost two weeks after the knee replacement and I am using the walker again. Just sore and still in pain. Did not do much yesterday when the PT came. I am not sure if it was her not feeling well, or me. She asked to use our bathroom shortly after coming inside. Then about 15 minutes later, after really not doing much but walking, she said she we would see one another Monday. She will be talking off the remaining bandage over cut then. I guess she was here 20 minutes at the most, then sat in her car for about 10 before pulling out of driveway. I was wearing my shoe, a dress, ready to go back out to walk on our driveway like before when she was here. But this time, we did not do that. Plus, she was here the day after coming, no day to skip or rest in between. Not a good idea.
She told me to walk without the cane unless I was feeling pain. So, I have tried to adhere to that. But this morning, I reverted back to the walker. My knee is ot swollen anymore but still in pain. I just can not lift my foot off the floor like she wants me to do...then it every hour. EVERY HOUR? Seriously? I wonder if any of these PT's every experience total knee replacement themselves? Yes, that is what I am wondering now. Apparently not.

But I am ok with the progress. I know I have to keep moving. I also know I should not do the exercises she has asked me to do if I am in pain. She said that. If Monday is our last day. I feel pretty confident that I can do just fine on my own. I have looked online at things I can do.
I am still bond here at home. I will drive when I feel like it, not when someone says, OK, YOU CAN DRIVE NOW. I can figure that out.

He has to take a short safety class online and take a text this weekend. Then he goes back to work on the 18th. By then, I should be ok to be alone. I am positive there are people who have no one to help them after surgery. I feel blessed to be one that does have someone and he has been great. Being waited on an't too bad.

It was sad to learn about the deaths in my last post. But being so long ago, although it was sad to hear about, I have not been affected by it too much. I do remember that guy was so selfish. His boy was in and out of trouble....on drugs.....slap on the hand and start again. The man lied to me about his age knowing that I would have had nothing to do with him if he had been truthful. I should have told him to go fly a kite. But that cute little boy of his....won me over. Two years wasted there as my being in his life did not help raise him much. But getting away from them did help me and my kids. I did ok raising mine. My son has never done drugs nor has he got a bunch of baby mama's. No criminal record. He is honest, works hard, is very good at what he does and has trophies to prove it. He is honest, kind and a very good person.

I fear that if I had stayed in that situation, it may have went one way or the other. I could have saved that kid, or lost my own. Probably would have ended up killing his dad. When I finally got away from him, it was after he took one last shot at beating the hell out of me...hitting me in the head with one of those iron fire pokers? Yeah, one of them, face swollen up and I had stitches to hold my eye in socket.

Sometimes, part of me thinks that people usually get what is coming to them in time. But even I would not wish losing a kid and a wife in a two day period.....even in this case; the monster left behind will be free to spread his evil selfish ways into the lives of other unsuspecting souls Watch out for him.

Still healing