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2017-09-08 22:38:49 (UTC)

Real Quick poetry

Mood: AH i have to run but i want to get this down
Song: Taylor Swifts Red
Color: Green

a poem Currently Nameless and currently half unfinished
will finish when inspiration strikes me and i have more time to actually go through my writing process.

He's a little sad, he's more than a little bit down.
In the camera making funny faces like a crying clown.

The one's who laugh the most have the most to lose
Laughing till you cry is just masked singing the blue's

Like the sun dries the rain let warmth heal you heart.
Jaded by the past? let it go, it's just the first part.

Fist the tragedy then the comedy, stressed strive then coming alive.
Challenges come and time fly's while waiting for happiness to arrive.

Act one scene two, Characters waiting breathless in the wings
To enter your story and show you love and missing things.

Peace. :)