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2017-09-08 21:56:32 (UTC)

Going strong

Mood: Tired (i say that too much)
Song: None but a youtube video is paying as i write
Color: Green

Currently: Stealing Church WIFI
Currently: 4:37PM
Currently: Typing cause i need to write even though i hurt my wrist.

Earlier: I cleaned the entire kitchen and did pretty much every dish we own because my mother got the all out and had them piled everywhere so i washed them and put them up all organized.
Earlier: I brought more furniture downstairs which is how i originally hurt my wrist Wednesday and then rehurt it earlier because Tara got angry and wrenched a wooden chest we were carrying sideways therefore wrenching my wrist all because she was angry because i said she had to carry it by the end and not the side where there was nowhere to hold. -_-
Earlier: I did laundry helped dad work on the guest room, and made lunch for everyone.

I've been going non stop all day, this is the first moments i've stolen.
Well except a sit down conversation with my dad where we talked about old times and "this generation" which either of those topics can give me a headache because we just aren't going to agree on things and then he spouts off ridiculous things that he knows is going to upset me and i just feel tired.
I want our internet back...haha i didn't realize how much i watched YouTube at night to just chill and relax and as back ground noise.
but on the other hand i have been reading a lot more to replace that.
Grandpa comes next weekend.
We have a room simi ready for him.
I don't know exactly what that's going to look like him being here and staying with us but i'm not, not looking forward to it....which is scaring me because i guess i'd like to have some sort of semblence of a good relationship with one of my grandparents....i don't know that that is possible but its worth a try right?

Mom's been on one today going through every cabnet, Closet, anywhere and everywhere and getting all the left over things of my Grandmothers packing it up in baskets and it's sitting in our outer room ready to be taken to her...
my mothers exact words were "it's like i'm exercising demons" and i said "there aren't any demons here" and she goes "Yeah they moved away" and i just took another basket of kitchen things to the front room cause i couldn't do the dishes or anything in the disaster area that room had become.
So...yeah there's still some tension needless to say.

I'm hoping that things look up.
I'm hoping for smiles and laughter and life.
I'm hoping for a good nights sleep tonight.....
I'm hoping that this feeling of just uneasiness and discontent go away ASAP.
you know what the opposite of being thankful for feels like? Frustration.... If that makes any sense at all... probably not.
on that note....
I guess even with the tiredness and frustration and just all this stress...i'm still going strong and i'm not going to stop now.

Peace (hopefully for all of us)