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2017-09-07 19:33:14 (UTC)


Mood: Okay
Song: No day but today from Rent
Color: Red

It's been a relaxing day which is nice, like the atmosphere in the house was good and i think this is the first day that it's been somewhat better or "Normal" in the past two weeks since the thing with my Grandma.
But i am glad that things are finally moving forward.
Last night was a very long night...i had lots of dreams some of them really disturbing and well...i'm still bothered by some of them right now and that's not normal....i would talk about it....but its not even something that i want to speak out loud because it's gross and sick and wrong and just disturbing and i don't know why i dreamed it.... ugh.

But i can't even find anything as to what this mean....that's how weird this is...like i'm trying to look it up and i can't find anything!

On the upside i got mail from the Vampire today! yay! that's made my day.
I hope he's gotten or gets my letter soon.

I feel tired because i've dreamed so much the last few nights...it's like because i dreamed so much i didn't rest well.... that ever happen to you?
It happens to me every so often.
Ugh i'm just stalling now...i should be getting home and checking on the girls but here i am just listening to music and enjoying the quiet that is a completely empty building aside from myself.
I told the kids i'd be back way before 3 and it's already 2:32.
I just feel lazy...just kind of don't want to move or do anything, but then on the other side i want to write or draw or take pictures and go talk to someone....weird mix of apathy and not.