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2017-09-07 15:37:25 (UTC)

Independence Day


Today is Independence Day here in Brazil... It is a beautiful sunny day and I am very happy because we had a nice barbecue in my parents' house. So, I didn't have to cook.

At the moment, I am washing some clothes. Tomorrow, I intend to vacuum the house as I will be staying at home... My daughter doesn't have any classes at school.

My husband is about to start his dinner. I have spoken to him and he seemed to be all right.

Things are pretty much the same here in my little world. I am not depressed today. Yesterday, I was a bit down and tired as well. It is good it is a holiday because I could sleep without being concerned to get up on time. It has been like that for sometime... I get worried about loosing the time to get up to take my daughter to school.

It is going to be another long day but I am fine about that. I intend to take it easy and rest for a bit.

Well, that is it for today.

Good energy to all of us!