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2017-09-06 17:31:05 (UTC)

Disturbing news

I am doing better at managing my pain during the day. He put a board under my mattress this morning when we changed the bedding in
hopes it will be firmer. My nights are still not going so well.

Then this morning I see a name in our local obits that I recognize. It hit home. About 30 yrs ago, I moved in with this guy I met at work. He
had a little boy a couple yrs younger than my son. We were only together for a couple yrs. He was a very self centered man and I did not
want him involved in raising my children. Since then, I had heard that his son grew up to have some issues with drugs. Seems like he was in
the hospital one time in his teens when his dad kicked his tail because of his wild behavior. But today, seeing that kids name in 33 yrs old was hard to take. It said that his current step mom passed away two days before he did and that they were very close, so I have to assume
he over medicated or took his own life. Hard to know. So, as much as I disliked his dad, who by the way also beat my ass once and I moved out then not giving that ass hole a chance to do it again; losing your wife and child just two days apart? Wow. That is so sad.

My knee is doing better. But still can not stay on it very long. I am not doing the exercises daily or more often; only when PT comes.
OMG She kicks my ass and it takes the rest of the day to manage the pain. Last night was horrible.
So, I decided to take it easy today. I have been helping more with laundry and stuff like that...

Anyway....sad a little...and feeling for that man's family, not his dad...but the rest of them.