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2017-09-05 23:48:24 (UTC)

It Must be said

Mood: Annoyed, relieved, Tired
Song: What you do to me by we the kings
Color: Copper

Okay it must be said.......



So my Grandmother sent my aunt to get her things and her divorce from the family is final.
She's a sad, angry mentally emotionally spiritually ill person who pushes away anyone who cares about her and i want nothing to do with her and her anger and unhappiness and hate.
Just fuck it.
It's over it's done. i'm done.

And Fuck her for making my dad...her son feel like it's a divorce again! after the horrible childhood he had she's not learned a freaking thing it's still all about her and her anger and her pride and her selfishness she never thinks about how what she's doing is hurting or effecting someone else and she doesn't care to.
She has left her children scarred.
And now she has left her grandchildren scarred.
And she admits to someone that she went to far???then does it again and agian? that shows me that it's a choice not something she can't control and the fact that she would choose to hurt us instead of laying what ever crap down(like we have for her over and over)
Well....that's just enough for me.
And not that she's got her crap out....i'm going to tell her just what i think.

i'm going to tell her that we have a broken relationship and that she's going to have to acknowledge what she did and apologize if she wants to have any contact with me.
And if she is unwilling to do that (which will most likely be the case because she doesn't love anyone more than she loves her pride) than it's her loss and that's that.
I have done what i can do to be nice to her, to give her chances after chances and given her grace and mercy when she didn't deserve it but i guess this is the point where i have to wash my hands of it and say you made your bed...now lay in it.

*Takes deep breath.*

Mom is super upset because she says that Dad put Grandma before her....
My dad is frustrated because he doesn't think he did and he feels even more stuck in the middle and he said to me that this felt just like his childhood, another divorce another move, another fight....more things that he should have never had to see and go through thanks to her....Fuck....it makes me so angry at her.
Fuck you for hurting him.
Fuck you for scarring him.
Fuck you for insulting and lying to and about him.
Fuck you for how you've treated every single fucking person in your life...you two faced....ugh!
say one thing to a persons face and then completely thrash them behind their back....you are the worst type of person...
A fake person...a person who betrays and stabs in the back.
I don't want to hate you...but honestly that's how i feel.
How dare you do this????
who the hell do you think you are and what gives you the right to act like a high and mighty judge over everyone like a fucking pharisee and then to scream and yell and say the most horrible and cutting things....
To threaten police and violence on me.
To refuse to answer the phone when my mother calls you and you know what's funny about that?? its that we both know that you refuse because 1. You know your wrong about everything. 2. She can make any argument you could possibly make make you look like an idiot and an ass. 3. You don't want conviction for your actions....

Haha your prayer that all things hidden in secret will be revealed Hahahaha well you revealed your true self didn't you? you have no secrets...you are just a jerk...and everyone knows it.
that's the thing...is all the people who even once had an ounce of respect for you...don't any more because you always show your true colors you always get angry and run away like the little coward you are.
Well good riddance.
Gone was any trace of you now i think i am finally clean.

It's sad thought that you made it this way...i already lost a grandmother in the past month....now i guess i've lost two...one to death and another to hate.
I hope you got what you wanted.