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2017-09-05 01:27:55 (UTC)

Another Rotation

Mood: Tired
Song: I'm still standing By Elton John
Color: Light orange

So the earth survives another rotation....
this has been a long day here's what i have done:
Worked on a car, found/fixed a leek.
Made a trip to Altus for the parts
Came home, Cooked lunch
Did dishes.
Made another Trip to Altus to go grocery shopping UGH Walmart
Came back home cleaned out some more of my grandma's stuff.
Made dinner...which was like a full on dinner not something quick and easy.
Did dishes and cleaned the kitchen
Switched and folded laundry.
Cleaned my room.
Feel like i've been constantly on the run today which is true... i've been away doing things that needed to be done than i have been here but that's okay cause it's been a mostly good day.
I just feel super exhausted.

On another note... i know who my secret Santa is for the Girls group lol.
I want to do a good job for this person and i want to have fun with it and i want her to like the cards and things that i send which as always i feel nervous about that...but i'll do the best i can.
I wonder who got me?????????????????????????????

I'm currently listening to What you do to me by We the Kings and i'm kind of obsessed with it, well that and secret valentine and state of grace by Taylor swift. Ever just have this thing in your head that you connect songs that aren't connected together, together.
Oh? it's just me? hahahahah okay lol.