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2017-09-04 23:09:10 (UTC)

1 week after Surgery

Well, this was a horrible week. He had the flu, but kept medicated so he could take care of me. But we still had it to concern us.
I had a rash to pop up on my backside which drained my energy. It was from the stress. I was constipated till the weekend. Drank
prune juice, took laxatives, did an intima, and all that.....hardly ate anything....and tried to not take the pain pills to manage pain
because we were told they would cause me to get constipated. Managing this pain is not easy. First week is a bust. I have started off
the second week with a different set of issues. He is not sick and I am no longer constipated, but my feet and leg is swelling a lot...
so I am keeping it elevated. I did start taking the pain medication like I was told. The PT told me to just do walking with the walker
today and no exercises at all that hurt. So, she is coming back re-evaluate me.

Hoping my next update on total knee replacement is better than this.