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2017-09-03 23:51:32 (UTC)

Wake me up when September Ends

Mood: Content
Song: Gentle on my Mind (The band Perry Cover)
Color: Dark red almost a purple

It's not that i want September to go by quickly or to be over....i'm not having a particularly bad time thus far three days into the month i mean there are some things stressing me, Dad's surgery coming up, This crap with Grandma hanging in the balance, the Visit from Grandpa.
The new Baby setting Job at the Friday CC classes.
The need of another Job on top of that.
all the things i need to find for the secret project.

But it's also...just the third of September and i'm in no hurry to get it over with because i know i have a lot that i need to do between now and the end of the month....need to have secret project done by Nov 1st. AHHHHHHHHH 25, 50, 75, 100.
Hahaha. But it's just that i'd like to skip to the end so all these stressful things are done! so yeah wake me when September ends? cause i feel like i'm on auto pilot!

Mostly i am feeling positive and content and happy right at this moment, like today has been good.

As it is Sunday here are the things i'm Thankful for.
1. Church
2. My mom showing me how to take care of kids/Babies.
3. My Mom showing me how to cook and clean.
4. My Dad showing me how to work on things and fix them.
5. My Dad thinking to show me how to do things that a lot of women don't know how to do so that i wouldn't have to depend on a man.
6. My parents showing me what a healthy Marriage looks like.
7. Music
8. Creativity
9. Poetry
10. Frienship
11. Community
12. Not feeling angry right now.
13. Writing
14. Dreaming
15. God
16. Faith
17. Hope
18. The truth even when people don't get it.
19. Laughter
20. Amazing long conversations
21. Change
22. Torn down walls
23. Tara and Emma
24. Drawing
25. Girls group
26. Memories
27. Photography and being able to capture a moment.
28. Seasons changing
29. Internet......
30. Air.
31. People who have made a difference in my life...who have or do believe in me
32. Honesty
33. Loyalty
34. Protectiveness
35. Opportunity
36. My cell phone/Computer.
37. Bible
38. To live in The United states.
39. To be able to say that i'm from Oklahoma
40. Knowing people all over the world.
41. The process
42. Trying....even if you fail
43. Facing Fears
44. Health
45. Healing
46. Kindred spirits
47. Books/Reading/Stories
48. Fandoms
49. Light.
50. Words.

What are you thankful for today?