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2017-09-03 12:17:36 (UTC)

Quick report


It is a cloudy morning here in Brazil... It is not so cold and I am quite happy we are going out to another mall this time.

We are going to have a nice meal at the mall. I waited for this the whole week. I haven't been out of the house since Friday. I usually take my daughter to school and I am very happy about that.

I spoke briefly with my husband. Today he is not working. We see each other everyday in the camera. It is good because then I don't feel so far way from him.

My daughter is getting ready to go out as well. I hope to have a nice time there.

Most of my days have been almost a repetition of routine. Today I intend to do some housework in the afternoon. Let's see...

We took my daughter to the doctor and she has done some blood tests. So now I just need to check it out.

Well, I'd better go as I need to get ready... to go out.

Good energy to all of us!