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2017-09-03 04:17:39 (UTC)

7 minutes

Mood: Creeped out
Song: None but a pointless blog Vlog is playing
Color: purple

Exactly seven minutes of free writing Timer starts now.

So, one of the things about being a good person, is when randoms call you at 10:45 pm with some sort of crises (a leaking roof in this case) you jump up and run and help them.
Or my dad does and because i am the Robin to his Batman i am always the one to go along to....
Which most of the time is very out of my comfort zone...like i don't like going into the houses of people i don't know very well it's just creepy and well this specific older couple are creepy and their house was creepy and we had to go out back to find a stupid ancient ladder and i had to face spiders, crickets, Moths, beetles and Mosquitos which i got bittern more than i'd care to admit...because for some reason they like me more than they do the average person...but it's better than being bitten by ants....for me that's the worse as i'm severely allergic to them....
But we helped these people as much as we could but they have a lot of water damage that they can't fix themselves and they are so old and they probably don't have the money. (ha nobody had money)

I have to work in the nursery tomorrow....yay... I mean i love kids and i'm happy to help but little kids, toddler age are just not my cup of tea i can deal with babies or older kids and teenagers but little kids aren't my favorite.
But it's like a little over an hour.....so no big deal...also hopefully i will have some help tomorrow where as last time i was on my own when everyone else has had help....
Want to hear a contradictory statement?
I'm about to start a "Baby setting" job on Fridays and it's probably toddler age kids.... Brilliant right?
that just goes to show you what getting paid for work will make you do...haha i mean it's not going to be a lot of money but it's something and it's something i'm excited about cause it's a continues thing and well i need that and more of a job.
But it's something and that has to count for something right????

Mom, Dad and Emma are back from DC and i'm happy that they are and i'm really glad that they had a good time...
I've enjoyed actually having them here to have normal conversations with... I like having things back to some sense of normalcy....
Dad has surgery the 18th....
Grandpa is coming down like 3-4 days before and some after of course....so that means we have to get Grandma to get her stuff out so we can set up a guest room for him before that time....which i'm actually really glad about.....
It reminds me of a Taylor Swift lyric from Clean "Gone was every trace of you now i think i am finally clean"
which is how i feel about my Grandmother and her things right now....which may be wrong but i'm angry and you know what??? it's justified anger....she did and said horrible things and she has lost her relationship with me.

Okay so a change of subject is in order cause i don't want to get all worked up about that.....
On a positive note mom has agreed to help me with my secret project which i am still so overwhelmed about cause it's such an under taking to do 4 of them.....But i'm also really excited and mom thinks it's a great and cool idea and i know if she's helping me it will end up being amazing because most things my mother has a hand in turn out amazing. :)

okay timer just went off so that is my seven minutes of free writing....random as heck lol