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2017-09-02 18:17:19 (UTC)

If i were a boy

Mood: Feel like i'm late for something and i'm scrambling.
Song: This song saved my life by Simple plan
Color: Green

As i have made a challenge to write every day in september and i missed the first day.... yes i know *Facepalm*
So as a "Punishment" I have decided that if/when i miss writing this month that a friend or Friends of mine get to choose the topic that i write about that day.
Which could be great....or terrifying.
haha maybe someday i'll do like a week of getting prompts from a friend and i can't deviate from what ever those topics are....haha i might have to work up some more nerve to do that lol.
But like i said i have asked a friend for my topic for September 1st as i'm already playing catch up and his prompt was:

You wake up one day and you are a guy or for him if he writes on it a girl, so what ever the opposite of the gender you are.
you have one day as the opposite gender what do you do?
which is interesting to think about and oddly enough i have thought about this before....i might have written about it a long long time ago. but it wouldn't even be on this diary.
So with out farther ado here is what i would do if i were a guy for 24 hours

So.....you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning and your a guy.... i wonder if you would notice immediately? i mean i guess you would with the sudden lack of body parts and the sudden gaining of others....
But yeah i guess when i woke up and realized i had a male body.... i'd probably freak out a little bit cause who wouldn't if you suddenly changed over night?
I'd probably jump up freaking out run to the nearest mirror and look at myself thinking i was dreaming or something.... haha
Once i got over the shock and realized that i couldn't do anything about it....
I would probably sneak down stairs and tell my mom, who would freak out as well. (I'm thinking about this as logically as i can)
then i would probably try to go about my day as a guy, Shave, find some clothes to wear.
I'd probably go out around town and just see what happens you know? be flirty and confident (which i know is a very stereotypical thought) because i know guys have insecurity's too) but in general guys seem more confident and entitled.
There is male favoritism.
So maybe i'd just walk around and say things (not being mean) but say things that i normally wouldn't say.
I'd just walk with confidence and i'd try to flirt.
and i'd easily hang out with a group of guys and just be one of the guys.

It doesn't sound that exciting the things i've written but it is honestly what i would do.
I think it would be funny to show up around some of my friends and flirt with them just to see their reactions cause they wouldn't know it was me, that would be a really cool and funny prank.

Maybe i'll add more to this later when i think about it more.
What would you do if you woke up in the opposite gender's body for 24 hours?????